Animal Control - Confiscate & Impound


According to the National Animal Control Association (NACA) website "Animal Control Officers make four times the public contact of other law enforcement officers." That's right, according to the Daytona State College website they are law enforcement officers and they must complete a 40 hour course to earn that title.

That title gives them the power to confiscate our beloved pets? In some Florida counties pets can be confiscated simply because they accidentally nipped or scratched someone while playing while in other counties a pet can bite someone with vicious intent and serve the 10 day quarantine at home.

In some counties pets are only confiscated when they inflict an injury serious enough to require stitches or surgery or if there is good reason to believe the pet has had direct contact with a potentially rabid animal. So, if your dog is seen with a raccoon hanging out of his chops then there is a good chance the dog will be confiscated by Animal Control.

It's not too difficult to understand their reasons for impounding a pet that has had direct contact with a potentially rabid animal but confiscating pets over minor incidents and accidents (especially sick, medically exempt pets) could easily be seen as abuse of power. Why can't it be standard procedure for these pets be quarantined at home like they are in many counties?

What is the justification for putting our pets in situations where their lives could so easily be jeopardized?


"Animal Services Euthanizes 18 Dogs In Infectious Disease Outbreak"

"Dogs in shelters are dying of a sudden, overwhelming and as-yet-unknown disease."



For some reason I can't help thinking these are not the best places for our pets to be and especially those that have compromised immune systems and those that are already sick / recovering. In some cases the authorities will allow your pet to be quarantined at a boarding facility but again, there is the risk of exposure to fatal diseases. Most boarding facilities do require pets to be vaccinated for many diseases but there is always the potential for vaccine failure (it can be very difficult to find a boarding facility that will accept medically exempt pets). Another alternative sometimes offered is quarantine at a vet's office. That's a winner! Really?? If you thought your pet had parvo or distemper where would you take it? I'm just guessing but I think you would take it to the vet's office so I don't really think that is the greatest option for quarantining a medically exempt pet either.

"First seen among greyhounds, canine influenza has now been documented at shelters, boarding kennels, and within the general pet population in many states."

The day I spoke with that incredibly rude and unprofessional Animal Control officer I was left with the feeling that they would gladly kill my sweet boy if given ANY opportunity. I couldn't believe the way she spoke to me, I was merely trying to purchase a tag. I couldn't help wondering, if it was acceptable for her to speak to me like that then how do they treat people who own pets that did something wrong? Even worse, how does such a miserable person who is so obviously filled with hatred treat the pets?

She knew nothing about me. I could have been an elderly person who has no one to talk to and no love in my life other than my precious pet. I could have been a person who has seizures and I've been lucky enough to adopt a dog that has the ability to detect and alert me when a seizure is about to begin. I could have been a diabetic who depends on my dog to alert me when my blood sugar level suddenly drops too low. I could have been a war veteran who depends on my dog to help me cope with PTSD. I could have been someone who suffers from severe depression and confiscating my dog for ten days could be the last straw, for some it could be "the final incident that pushes them over the edge to commit suicide.". When I told her that I have a physical impairment and I depend on my dog to assist me and help to keep me safe she yelled, "Well then you'd better make sure he never, ever bites or scratches anyone!"

Now, every time I think of Animal Control, I think of her. I have no respect for our local Animal Control, I fear them but I do not have a pinch of respect for them. My experiences with them have done nothing but show me little people who are on big power trips.