Pet Health Awareness Campaign

The Pet Health Awareness Campaign is a joint effort consisting of veterinarians, pet owners and pet advocates. The goal is to make sure that pet owners are educated not only about the benefits but also the risks associated with commonly used pet products, vaccines and medications. Many people purchase these products because they are aware of the benefits but they often use them without being aware of the potential adverse effects or the symptoms of those adverse effects. Pets cannot talk so it is imperative that pet owners be aware of the symptoms if a problem should occur.

When humans need medical attention they are typically sent immediately to various specialists in an effort to provide the very best of care from the most knowledgeable sources. These medical professionals have received years of specialized training in their specific area of interest.

Many veterinarians are responsible for diagnosing and treating an array of animal species. Many animals have breed specific health issues and we expect our vets to be aware of that information too. Veterinarians commonly have the responsibilities of diagnosing and treating our pets' health conditions as well as being responsible for laboratory, radiology, dental, surgical, and pharmacy services. We even expect them to give us advice about nutrition and behavioral problems as well. When pet owners become aware of information that was overlooked or omitted by their vet they commonly begin to question the competency of their vet and years of trust can quickly be diminished.

We only want the best for our pets. It seems that they have evolved into little furry family members. The pets' role in our lives has evolved, our expectations of our veterinarians and their staff have evolved yet it seems that the duties of the responsible pet owner have remained relatively unchanged. Perhaps the time has come for pet owners to become more involved in their pets' health care. Our pets depend on us to make the best decisions for them. It is our duty to make informed decisions because our pets' health and safety depend on us.


The Pet Health Awareness Campaign is an effort to encourage all pet owners to be well-educated, responsible pet owners. You make the decisions therefore your pets' lives are in YOUR hands.