Abuse Of Power & Excessive Force On Our Beloved Pets

While looking at this page we have to remember that there are a lot of wonderful law enforcement officers out there, but then there are the other ones who are constantly in the news.

Do law enforcement officers have a license to inflict unnecessary pain & suffering or kill our precious pets without fear of consequences?

This page is dedicated to the many families and furry little victims who suffered at the hands of those who are supposed to protect and serve. We sincerely hope that compiling a list of these victims will help people to understand how widespread the problem is and that they will join the effort to initiate strict guidelines and consequences for all "officers of the law" and local officials who abuse their power. The abuse of power and departmental cover-ups must stop!

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*This page is still under construction and this is not a complete list.


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Abby - Warrenville, South Carolina

Cop shot & killed 15 year old, toothless dog in her own yard

Story September 2011


Ace - Windsor, Pennsylvania

Shot in the side, killed in his own yard

Story May 2, 2014

Story May 2, 2014


Alfred & Bobidae - Mobile, Alabama

Both dogs shot in their own back yard, one survived

Video March 14, 2014

Story March 15, 2014

Video The Outcome April 11, 2014

"A Mobile police officer is being punished after a shooting incident left one dog dead and another wounded in their owner’s fenced backyard, according to officials."


Angel - Hammond, Indiana

Story May 2, 2014

Cop shot and killed her in her own yard just days after her eleven puppies were born

Story May 3, 2012

( More from Hammond - see Lilly's story -scroll down the page)


Angel - Georgetown, Kentucky

"He shot her when she was walking away...shot in the back."

Story March 10, 2014



Angel - Georgetown, Kentucky

"He shot her when she was walking away...shot in the back."

Story March 10, 2014

Update July 14, 2014 Officer Resigns




Apollo - Hometown, Illinois

July 25, 2014

Apollo was shot in the head by a cop in his front yard, in front of his family, including a six year old child.


Update July 28, 2014 - Officer Fired

Justice For Apollo




Arfee - Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

July 9, 2014

"The dog barked at the approaching officer through the cracked window and the dog was fatally shot; Jones was not in the vehicle at the time of the shooting."


Story Police Investigation Found Shooting Of Arfee Not Justified

Justice For Arfee



Arzy Kenzington - Sulphur, Louisiana - "He (the cop) would rub the dog's back and then push him away. All of a sudden, he just jumped down and shot the dog in the head."

Story April 28, 2014

Story April 29, 2014

Update May 2, 2014 - officer has some history

Update May 8, 2014 officer resigned

Justice For Arzy

Arzy Kenzington Updates

Former Sulphur officer indicted on charge of animal cruelty June 5, 2014

Former Sulphur officer accused of fatally shooting dog arrested for animal cruelty June 7, 2014


Ava - Erie. Colorado

May 10, 2011

Justice For Ava

Update - July 5, 2012 Police Officer, Town Of Erie Sued Over Fatal Dog Shooting


Baby Girl - Staten Island, New York

Killed by NYPD officer

Story April 11, 2013

Detailed Story

Lawsuit Filed


Bandy - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

May 4, 2012

"The owner of a dog that was shot and killed by a Fort Lauderdale Police officer is suing the cop and the city seeking damages."




Baxter - Pembrook Pines, Florida

February 24, 2012

Shot 6 times by Pembroke Pines police officer



Family Video

Baxter's fight for life ended March 19, 2012

Family Of Dog Killed By Pembroke Pines Officer Gets $20,000 Settlement




Baxter - New York City

Shot While Protecting Seizure Victim

Story August 21, 2012



Bear Bear - Severn, Maryland

August 2, 2010

"The initial police investigation was immediately closed by the responding officers; but was re-opened two days later"

Story - Officer found guilty



Bella - Chicago Heights, Illinois

August 13, 2014



Bella - East Peoria, Illinois

August 21, 2014

The officer pulled out his gun and walked down the street, Bella was up by the house - not even near him. The video clearly shows her moving away from him, he walked toward her and shot her twice.



Video - Slow Motion

Justice For Bella


Bella - Greenville, South Carolina

Dog shot 7 times "Not only did Bella die from her injuries, she died slowly."

Story December 30, 2013


Belle - Vallejo, California

"There was no reason that his first recourse would have been to use deadly force," Gregory said of Calhoun. Belle was the "sweetest family dog you could ever hope to have, who is also a really good watchdog."

Story May 18, 2012


Bentley George - Howell, New Jersey

June 4, 2014




Big Daddy - Hoke County, North Carolina

April 12, 2012

Shot and killed on his own front porch by a cop

Justice For Big Boy


Blue - Kingman, Arizona

The neighbor said the dog "casually" walked passed several deputies before being shot.

"There was no reason, it was just that quick," he said.

Story September 11, 2011


Blue & Pinky - Las Vegas, Nevada

September 14, 2012

Cops shot Blue 6 times, Pinky was just a puppy, didn't make it past the steps


Update September 12, 2014 Lawsuit filed against police



Bobby The Cat - Boerne, Texas

"A South Texas police officer has been fired after a grand jury declined to indict him for shooting an arrow into his neighbor's cat."

Story June 6, 2013



Boo Boo - Staten Island, New York

November 21, 2011

Shot to death by cop

Justice For Boo Boo



Boomer - Port Orange, Florida

"Woman injured by bullet fragment when cops shoot dog at Port Orange home "

Story September 24, 2010


Bonnie "Boo Boo" - Clarksville, Tennessee

Story November 21, 2012


Booder - Dahlonega, Georgia

May 28, 2014

"Royston Police Chief Donnie Boleman issued a statement after the shooting that Reynolds was not acting in his official capacity as an officer in the department, nor was he within his sworn jurisdiction."



Justice For Booder


Boomer - St. Petersburg, Florida

"His death is tragic enough on its own, but the fact that he was the 7th dog killed by the police department this year shows that the officers not only need training, but a clear policy that encourages non-lethal dog handling techniques. "

Info posted 2012

Story October 14, 2011


Boozer - Newington CT

April 16, 2012

Shot and killed by cop

Justice For Boozer The I Am Boozer Project


Bosha - Miami, Florida

Hiding under a truck, barking

Story May 16, 2012


Boss - Johnson County, Kentucky

February 17, 2014

A cop shot him 4 times


Justice For Boss


Brad - Riverside, California

August 23, 2012

Dog was shot through gate because officers needed to

get into back yard, oops wrong house




Brandi - Fredrick County, Maryland

January 2010


Family awarded $620,000

Video April 3, 2012




Brick & Lilly - Imperial Beach, California

Sheriff’s official said the department does not have set guidelines

Story February 19, 2014


Brownie - Merrit Island, Florida

Brevard County deputy shot dog in front of toddler in his own yard

Story January 20, 2014


Bruce - Honolulu, Hawaii

September 5, 2014

"Sweet Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix was shot by police 9/5/14. Officer forced Bruce to lay bleeding for an hour before his family was allowed to get help."

Justice For Bruce


Bubba - Las Vegas, Nevada

"Bubba was killed on Sunday, when one of several police officers investigating reports of gunfire in the two hundred block of Earl near downtown Las Vegas got into his backyard instead."

Story January 9, 2013

Justice For Bubba


Bubba - Eastvale, California

Was in a vehicle with 2 suspects, shot twice by cops

Story March 7, 2014



Buck & Bill - Manatee County, Florida

Occupation: Therapy dogs

Murdered by Manatee County Officials

Every effort was made to save them but county officials would not allow that to happen





Bucky - Arlington, Texas

Occupation: Autistic child's emotional support dog

October 4, 2011 Cop shot Bucky 5 times while children were watching

Justice For Bucky



Video of Bucky and his best friend


Buddy - Riviera Beach, Florida

February 15, 2014

"Representatives at the Paws 2 Help Clinic said they've taken in at least three dogs recently who have been shot by police. They said the key is to get the bullet out as fast as possible."



Buddy - Orange County, Florida

Dog declared "dangerous" after woman broke her foot

Story September 24, 2010

The Final Decision November 16, 2010


Buddy - Birmingham, Michigan

"Witnesses said that on Saturday night Buddy was on the front porch when officers arrived. When officers approached him, he ran to the side of the house, where he was shot twice, witnesses said."

Story October 20, 2011


Buddy Fernandez - Gonzales, Texas

July 5, 2014

Justice For Buddy Fernandez


Bugs - Commerce City, Colorado

September 24, 2014

“The other cop had told him he should have Tasered the dog or something first instead of shooting him,”


“The dog cannot open that gate. The cop had the gate open.”



Bullet - Ansonia, Connecticut

October 2012

Shot by bounty hunter in his own yard


Justice For Bullet


Bullet - Round Rock, Texas

May 30, 2014

Shot in his own home. Police responded to burglar alarm, ignored warning signs, entered house and fired seven rounds, shot him five times


Justice For Bullet


Bully, Boss & Kahlua - Palm Beach County, Florida

August 14, 2012

"PBSO deputies shot and killed three (3) beloved dogs after trespassing onto THEIR gated property."

Justice For Bully, Boss & Kahlua



***Take a break and check out this wonderful cop***

"Officer Responds To Dangerous Dog Call, Comes Home With New Best Friend"


Cage - Tuscaloosa, Alabama

June 24, 2013

Justice For Cage


Cali - Ardmore, Oklahoma

March 3, 2014

Shot and killed by cop

Justice For Cali



Cammie - LaGrange, Missouri

March 31, 2010

Justice For Cammie

Video - very disturbing

Story May 1, 2013 - Settlement

"A federal case involving a LaGrange, Mo., police officer who fatally shot a man's dog has settled in the plaintiff's favor for $50,000, the man's attorney said."



Candy Middleton - Rains County, Texas

Occupation: Cow dog

April 18, 2014 Deputy shot her in the back of her head

Justice For Candy Middleton

Necropsy Statement

Story April 23, 2014 Cop fired

Update May 9, 2014

"They indicted him within two weeks," Schulte said. "That never happens."

Candy Middleton - Updates

Rains County Deputy Pleads "Not Guilty" June 19, 2014



Capone - Camden, New Jersey

33 shots fired to kill puppy

Video April 17, 2011


Carter W - Ponca City, Oklahoma

August 2014

Justice For Carter


Castro - Chicago, Illinois

August 17, 2014

"Terry Taylor says police told him they were chasing someone, and wound up in Taylor’s backyard at 59th and Martin Luther King Drive. Officers opened the gate, covered with a Beware of Dog sign, then shot dead the 120 pound Italian Mastiff named Castro, who was outside at the time."


Justice For Castro


Charlie - Guthrie, Oklahoma

May 29, 2013

"That's when I said 'Don't come in' and he just went ahead and went in the fence," Wickham said.



Cheapa - Miami, Florida

Police claim that the owner of a grow house granted them permission to search the house when asked and then suddenly the dog attacked.

Story January 11, 2012


Chloe - Commerce City, Colorado

November 2012

Shot & killed after being captured

Justice For Chloe

Video November 25, 2012

Video November 27, 2012


Choco - Rochester, New York

March 14, 2014

Shot by a cop in his own yard.

Justice For Choco



Cisco - Austin, Texas

April 14, 2012 Shot & killed by cop in front of owner - oops wrong house




Justice For Cisco



Cody - Ottumwa, Iowa

August 28, 2014

"As for Cody being vicious, he's been a great dog since being at Hope Animal Rescue. He wags his tail and allows the vet to treat his injured leg. Despite being scared and in pain, Cody has done nothing more than growl. Since he hasn't shown any signs of aggression, Cody isn't muzzled to treat his wound."



Cowboy - Pasco County / New Port Richie, Florida

"Pasco County sheriff's Deputy left his patrol car outside the gate at a home and climbed the fence."

Story April 23, 2015


Cream - Anderson, South Carolina

May 20, 2014

Cop shot dog while investigating a missing / stolen cell phone report - the cell phone belonged to one of his family members

Story May 21, 2014

Story May 21, 2014


De'Ja - Wise County, Virginia

August 23, 2014

"I saw these cops and I told them I didn't know the person they were looking for,"

"The deputy shot De'Ja in the back, and her legs went flailing in the air"



Delilah - Columbus, Ohio

Story February 17, 2014

Story February 17, 2014


Diamond - Spartanburg, South Carolina

Cop shot 35 pound tethered dog, oops wrong house

Story August 30, 2012


Diego - Enid, Oklahoma

Cop shot and killed him in his own yard - cops refused to give family dash cam video

Story July 3, 2013

Justice For Diego July 5, 2013


Diesel - Carter County, Oklahoma

Deputy shot dog while searching for suspect, oops wrong house

Story July 18, 2013


Dixie - Vienna, Georgia

April 22, 2013

"A beloved family pet is dead at the hands of a local police officer"






Doctor - DeKalb County, Georgia

July 24, 2014

Shot by cop in his own yard

“No steps were taken by DeKalb police whatsoever to try to save my dog’s life,” he said. “The dog was still alive, clearly bleeding like crazy and the police officer blocked my exit,” Theall continued.


Story July 26, 2014

Update July 29, 2014 DeKalb County Cop Resigns



Dog - Champaign, Illinois

November 17, 2012

Shot & killed by cop while on his leash, the stray who attacked him got away



Justice For Dog


Drake - South Bend, Indiana

June 5, 2014




Dunkin - Sedona, Arizona

July 4, 2009

Occupation: Service dog

Justice For Dunkin




Easy - DeKalb County, Georgia

Video February 4, 2012


Echo - Wichita, Kansas

July 16, 2014

Neighbors like Garrett Rae saw the incident and say they don't think police needed to use such force. "It just makes me upset when you see someone in that position abuse their power," Rae said. " That dog was whimpering on the ground and he took another shot."



***Take a break and check out this wonderful cop***

"Police dash cam shows dogs attacking officer during traffic stop"

Stewart, Florida Police Officer Joe Calderone deserves an award!

Stewart PD Facebook Page


Fisher - Moline, Illinois

June 16, 2014

“They let my dog lay there and bleed to death"


Justice For Fisher


Fletch - Mount Vernon, Ohio

Death sentence for very minor accidental incident

Story March 21, 2014


Ford - Posen, Illinois

September 11. 2014

"Children were watching which yelled for him to stop after shooting poor Ford 2 times but he decided to fire 2 more times."

Justice For Ford


Ford - Walton County / Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

" Ford, an 11-month-old pit bull, was killed Tuesday night "

Story March 12, 2014


Fred - Broward County / Weston, Florida

" Deputy was responding to a call about a barking dog"

Story November 18, 2007


Frankie - Pompano Beach, Florida

ooops wrong house

Story September 20, 2011


Gabanna - Kingston, Pennsylvania

May 18, 2014

She wasn't aggressive but the police had difficulty catching her so they decided to shoot her



Justice For Gabanna


Gage - Millcreek, Pennsylvania

Cops lied, said they were using a tranquilizer gun

Justice For Gage

Video Spetember 26, 2013



Geist - Salt Lake City, Utah

June 18, 2014

Shot and killed by cop in his own fenced in back yard while the cop was searching for the neighbor's toddler. The child was found in his own house!


Update August 1, 2014 Officer Cleared Of Wrongdoing

Justice For Geist



Gixxer - Waterloo, Iowa

June 10, 2014

Story June 10, 2014

Story June 11, 2014


Gotti - Round Rock, Texas

Shot in his own yard

"The dog was not attacking him, or chasing them, or anything like that, he was in his yard,”

Story May 4, 2014


Gracie - El Paso, Texas

3 legged dog shot in front of 11 year old child

Story March 26, 2014


Gracie & Rocky - Escambia County / Pensacola, Florida

"Couple Says Cops Climbed Through Window Without Warrant and Shot Their Dogs"

Story August 9, 2013


Grady - Chicago, Illinois

"Green says that a videotape shows that the dog did not threaten or lunge at the officers"

Story June 28, 2013

Story July 2, 2013


Gringo Boy - Falfurrias, Texas

Justice For Gringo-boy June 2, 2014


Griz - Newton, Iowa

Witness indicated the dog was no threat

Story September 16, 2012


Gunner - Houston, Texas

July 5, 2013

Shot by cop in front of the children, then the cop said,"Its OK, Im a cop."


Justice For Gunner



Hades & Marbles - Toluca, Illinois

August 22, 2013

Justice For Hades And Marbles The Pitbulls Shot By Toluca Police





Hooch - Filer, Idaho

Occupation: Service Dog

Deputy shot man's service dog at his child's birthday party

Story & Video February 2014




Ice - Ansonia, Connecticut

March 3, 2012

Shot in head by cops in his own yard, wagging his tail - oops mistaken identity

Story & Video

Justice For Ice

Memorial Video


Jack - Blue Ash, Ohio

Cops tazed and then shot 7 pound chihuahua 3 times

Video June 11, 2009


Jack - San Marcos, California

Cops shot family pet eight times

Story April 26, 2013


Jane - Atlanta, Georgia

November 10, 2013

Cop shot her on sight, on her own property

Justice For Jane Our Family Dog




Johnny Cash - Parker County, Texas

July 25, 2012

"He did not just shoot my dog, he unloaded his gun on him!

Cash had SIX visible gunshot wounds!!!! There were a total of 9 shots fired!"

Justice For Johnny Cash



Jo Jo - Lake Placid, Florida

Justice For Jo Jo June 30, 2012


Jordan - Peoria, Illinois

May 20, 2014

Shot and killed by a cop in his own yard


Story & Video

Justice For Jordan


Julio - San Bernardino, California

Story March 29, 2012


***Take a break and check out this wonderful cop***

"Stuck Dog Becomes Cop's Best Friend"


Katrina - Gaston County / Charlotte, North Carolina

August 13, 2014

"McCullough described her dog as old and harmless -- an indoor dog she had just let out to use the bathroom." “And she is a pit bull, so there you go, there is your label. She’s never hurt anybody ever.”



Kenya - Irmo, South Carolina

Cops shot dog in her own yard and then refused medical treatment for her

Story September 3, 2013

Story September 6, 2013

Cop Fired For Behavior Issues April 27, 2014


Khaos - Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania

Witness said dog was not being aggressive, cop shot him 3 times

Story March 17, 2014

Justice For Khaos


Kiki - El Monte, California

Video June 21, 2013

Officer Promoted July 20, 2013


Kiki - Springfield, Oregon

August 12, 2014

"Witnesses stated that the dog was barking in her own yard when the officer approached. The officer knelt down and the dog approached. According to the witnesses, the dog did not exhibit signs of aggression at any time. They state that she was merely barking when she was shot in the head at close range."


Justice For Kiki


Killer - Danville, Virginia

Cop shot and killed an 11 year old, 12 pound miniature dachsund


Story June 12, 2009


Kimbo - Royal Palm Beach, Florida

Story January 2, 2012

Justice For Kimbo


Kincaid - Baltimore, Maryland -

Shot & killed by police in his own back yard

January 1, 2013


Kincaid Killed By Baltimore City Police



King - Fairfax County, Virginia

September 16, 2014

"The suspect pleaded with the officers over and over to let him put the dog inside, but they refused. Not a single officer tried to grab the dog or let him back into the house, the officer chose to fire his weapon through his right nasal passage, through his hard palate and tongue, exiting through his neck. Witnesses stated that the year old pitbull was doing nothing wrong."


Justice For King


Kobi- Hazel Crest, Illinois

"If this had been a dog shooting involving a private citizen, charges such as criminal trespassing, felony cruelty to animals and disorderly conduct would likely have been filed against Kobi's killers."

Story April 10, 2013


Koda - Columbus, Ohio

Shot in the face while chained and standing still in his own back yard

"The officer said 'It's a pit bull, he's going to attack.' The dog was standing perfectly still 15 feet away from him. He said 'Well he's a pit bull, he's going to attack' and he shot,"

Story November 8, 2013


Kody - Bellingham, Washington

April 3, 2013

"The cop used his own personal hunting rifle to kill Kody. The Sheriff's Office found the killing justifiable and no compensation, or even an apology, has been given to me since the horrific event."

Justice For Kody


Lacy & Kirra - St Louis, Missouri

April 9, 2012


Justice For Lacy & Kirra



Lady - Chicago, Illinois

February 2009

Cops shot dog during botched raid - Jury awarded settlement

Story August 19, 2011

"Family gets $333,000 for 2009 raid in which cops killed dog"



Lady - Holly Hill, Florida

Oops wrong address

Story April 23, 2014

Justice For Lady


Lady - Springville / East Concord, New York

July 25, 2014

Cops shot dog in her own yard while looking for a man at the wrong house!


Justice For Lady


Laila - Ocoee, Florida

September 18, 2012

"The officer just pulled out his gun and shot her three times while I had a hold of her "



Larry - Bloomfield, Nebraska

Cop trapped the cat less than 50 feet from its home then shot and killed it

Video February 10, 2014

Story February 10, 2014


Lexie - St. Clair Shores, Michigan

Shot 8 times and killed by police for barking

Video December 5, 2013

Video December 5, 2013

Story December 6, 2013

Story January 12, 2014

"Bammel said residents are disturbed the animal control officer “dragged and threw” the bleeding animal in the back of the truck and left it to “bleed out.” He also said police reports indicate the dog was shot five times but necropsy photos supposedly show 15 wounds."

Justice For Lexie

Update July 23, 2014 Lawsuit filed


Licker - Bexar County, Texas

Justice For Licker


Lily - Fort Worth, Texas

Cop shot dog in the back - ooops wrong address

Video May 30, 2012

Story May 30, 2012

Update February 20, 2013



Lilly Poo - Hammond, Indiana

June 9, 2014

Shot by a cop in her own yard and in front of young children




Update September 2, 2014

Facebook - LillyPoo


***** More Disturbing Hammond, Indiana News *****

Video Shows Hammond Police Officer Allegedly Abusing Dog May 2, 2014

Hammond Cop Appeared To Be Hanging & Beating K-9 Cop - but that's ok

Police Shoot Dog Of Hammond Family Who Lost Home To Fire May 2, 2014

Dog shot in its own yard


Lola - Hatboro, Pennsylvania

May 24, 2014

"The video with this article was found on the wall of Chuck Jay on Facebook. Witnesses can be heard in the background stating Lola did nothing to deserve being shot."




Lucy - York County, Pennsylvania

March 18, 2013

"After talking to the media one of the responding troopers finally called us. He said that they had shot Lucy and killed her"



Luke - Cobb County, Georgia

September 16, 2012

" It was my job to bark at strangers and let mt daddy know that someone was here."



Justice For Luke


Marley - Hampton, Virginia

May 9, 2014

Shot in front of his owner while he was screaming "Don't shoot my dog!"



Max - Hawthorne, California

Shot to death in front of his owner

Story July 5, 2013

Justice For Dogs


Max - Boca Raton, Florida

" As officers got within 30 yards of the house, police said, the two pit bulls, Max and Kast, ran out an open front door and began barking and charging."

Story - June 16, 2010


Max - Plymouth, Indiana

Story June 2, 2014



Maximus - Chicago, Illinois

Off duty cop shot and killed 4 month old dog

Story May 17, 2013

Update May 16, 2014 Lawsuit filed for $1.35 million



Mayor's Dogs Shot By Police - Berwyn Heights, Maryland

Drug raid gone wrong

Story July 31, 2008

Video August 7, 2008

Video May 6, 2010


Melmo - Gulfport, Mississippi

"I'm coming out of the house, I just got out of the shower, to go get my dog and I'm opening my door and I see a female cop. And she shot between five and six rounds at my dog,"

Story March 22, 2011


Mica - Beatrice, Nebraska

June 25, 2014

Justice For Mica


Missy - Maywood, Illinois

August 28, 2014

Police entered through a six foot privacy fence, shot and killed her in her own yard and then denied her medical attention - due to a false bite report.

Justice For Missy


Moco - Ojai, California

March 29, 2012

"They came into our yard without warning and didn't attempt to use any other means of force."

Moco's Last Wish



Mongo - Dacona, Colorado

May 5, 2013

Occupation: Service Dog

“I didn’t think I would see that again. You see it in Iraq — and then you see your best friend here get shot,” said Vester, a Marine Corp. sniper, who says he got Mongo, a certified emotional support dog, to alleviate stress after returning from combat.




Monkey - Lake Charles, Louisiana

"Monkey wasn't jumping on him or anything. Four times he shot and the bullet went in. Others said they heard more shots"

Story July 3, 2012


Morgan - Akron, Iowa

June 9, 2014

"Jamey called the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office to report the pool of blood — not thinking it was Morgan’s."



Mya - Aiken County, Georgia

Cop told owner to get back in the house then shot her dog twice

Story December 17, 2013


Nala - Columbus, Ohio

"One of them said that he was going to kill that ***** dog,"

Story May 22, 2014

Story May 26, 2014



Nala - Baltimore, Maryland

June 14, 2014

After being captured her throat was slit by a cop

According to witnesses, the cop was talking about killing the animal as he got out of his vehicle. "I'm going to [expletive] gut this thing," witnesses heard him say, according to the charging document.

Story June 18, 2014

Story June 18, 2014

Baltimore Police Arrest One Of Their Own For Animal Cruelty June 18, 2014

Another Baltimore Police Officer Placed On Leave For Role In Death Of Dog In Canton June 19, 2014

Officer Charged June 19, 2014

Justice For Nala



Narley - Whitfield County, Georgia

Cops shot him in his own yard. The person they were looking for hadn't been there in over a week.

Story May 7, 2014


Nero - LaPorte, Indiana

"Police are reviewing the fatal shooting of a dog that occurred in front of four people Sunday, almost in the line of the officer's fire, according to witnesses."

Story April 22, 2014

Update May 2, 2014


***Take a break and check out this wonderful cop***

"LaPorte Texas Police Officer Shuts Down Highway To Save Dog"


Odin - San Diego County, California

May 26, 2014

"Odin took two bullets while in his own yard and died in the hands of his family while the smoke was still clearing from the barrel of the deputy's gun. Rest in Peace sweet Odin"



Family Video

Justice For Odin


Ozzie - Bradenton, Florida

Video November 28, 2011

Story December 1, 2011


Ozzy - Miami, Florida

The neighbor reportedly told them, "'Be careful. It’s a big dog.'" Then he heard two shots fired. "They walked into the backyard with the guns in their hand. Then they ran from the backyard like they were scared or something."

Story May 16, 2012


Ozzy - Montpelier, Indiana

April 21, 2013

Shot by cop instead of waiting for Animal Control to arrive

Be Ozzy's Voice - Justice For Slain Family Pets


Patton - NC - killed in Cookeville, Tennessee

oops mistaken identity

Video May 8, 2010

Story June 19, 2011


Payton - Lubbock, Texas

Shot in his own yard & in front of the children

Story July 18, 2011


Pepper - West Palm Beach / Jupiter Farms, Florida

October 16, 2013

Justice For Pepper




Polo - Richland County, Georgia

The cop's typical vicious dog story ... again


Justice For Polo


Poobs - Spearfish, South Dakota

Cop decided beloved pet cat was feral and shot it

Story September 14, 2012


Poodie - Trenton, New Jersey

She was only one year old. Cops shot her once in the chest and twice in the back.

Story May 14, 2014


Poppa - Austin, Texas

"She called 911 Thursday because she thought someone broke into her house, instead of getting help from police though, she ended up with a dead dog."

Story August 16, 2012


Prada - Buffalo, New York

Police raid, oops wrong house

Story August 30, 2012


Precious - Riverside County, California

TV station films dog calmly playing with kids after cop shoots himself trying to kill it

Story April 17, 2014


Princess - Pontiac, Illinois

Justice For Princess December 2013


Rascal - Freeport, Texas

"A Freeport police officer responding to a call for help ended up shooting a dog -- a dog that was just helping his deaf owner."

Story June 29, 2010



Rock - Redford Township, Michigan

May 10, 2014

Cop shot him while he was in his own fenced in back yard. Although he was a very friendly dog his owners had even posted a "Beware of Dog" sign but the police chose to ignore it and entered the yard anyway.



Justice For Rock

Update September 23. 2014

State lawmaker wants police trained to deal with pets


Rocky Raiser - Buffalo, New York

July 29, 2014


Justice For Rocky Raiser


Rosco - Hamlet, Indiana

Pup shot 6 times

Story September 17, 2012



Rosco - Austin, Texas

"With no warnings before, and no communication after the shooting, both Rodriguez and neighbors want answers."

Story April 21, 2014



Rosie - Des Moines, Washington

November 7, 2010

Successful lawsuit, awarded settlement

Story November 12, 2010

Video January 4, 2011

Story November 28, 2012

Des Moines to pay $51,000 over fatal shooting of dog February 20, 2013

Justice For Rosie



Ruby - Center County, Pennsylvania

February 8, 2013

"Ruby's owners immediately questioned the police officer why he shot her. The officer did not respond with an explanation. The officer became belligerent with Ruby's owners and even threatened to shoot her again."

Justice For Ruby


Rugar - St. Louis County, Minnesota

July 8, 2012

Shot by cop in his own yard and left to suffer

Video part 1

Video part 2

Justice For Rugar

The sheriff's oops letter


Ruger - Ozark, Arkansas

January 27, 2013

"The Sheriff, an officer, and the Sheriff's ex-wife had stopped by early on 1/27/13 screaming to my husband that he was going to shoot our "f***ing dog"

Justice For Ruger


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Greenport, New York

Cop Rescues Bambi Snarled In Christmas Lights



Sam - Rosenberg, Texas

November 17, 2012

Shot by a cop then seized by Animal Control - family is fighting to save his life

Save Samuel

Saved by appeal, Sam is home!


Sara - Thornton, Colorado

June 8, 2013

Cop shot her in the back

Justice For Sara, Killed By Thornton Colorado Police


Scar - Thornton, Colorado

Shot and killed by cop in his own yard.

“He wasn’t running, he wasn’t growling, he wasn’t barking. He was not lunging,” says a witness who saw the shooting."

Video August 28, 2012


Scarlett - York County, South Carolina

Cops doing a welfare inquiry shot dog while she was on a leash

Story March 5, 2014


Scout - Gratiot County, Michigan

September 9, 2012

Cop shot him in his own yard




Update September 24, 2012

Justice For Scout And His Family


Shadow - Wheeling, West Virginia

April 30, 2014

Justice For Shadow




Sheba - Durham, North Carolina

April 12, 2011

Looks like murder imo


Video - Police Response


Shiner Bock - Austin, Texas

April 24, 2013

Support For Shiner



Skeeter - Malvern, Arkansas

"He told my little sister you better shut up before I shoot it again," Nellie claimed. "This man acted like he did not have no mercy. He did not care."

Story May 19, 2014


Skye - Phoenix, Arizona

September 17, 2014

"Police report Skye jumped up on a patrol car and tried to attack people. This is impossible, says her owner, because Skye suffered a stroke and was paralyzed on the right side of her body. This poor dog couldn't even jump up on the couch at her home."



Smokey - Eldorado, Illinois

Shot by cop while on a leash and left to bleed to death - oops wrong house

Story September 19, 2012

Story October 10, 2012


Squirrel - (yes, a real squirrel) Mountain City, Tennessee

September 27, 2013

A squirrel that we have taken the liberty of naming "Rocky" was shot and killed bu a cop in a Dollar General Store



Star - East Village, New York

August 13, 2012

Shot by police while protecting owner during a seizure

Story August 19, 2012

Update on Star

Star's Facebook Page

Update - Star moved to Nebraska


Tank - Odessa, Texas

January 26, 2014


Justice For Tank


Tank, Hump & Janey - Detroit, Michigan

Cops shot dogs as they tried to run away from them

Story October 17, 2012

Story February 8, 2013


Tanner - Austin, Texas

Shot by off duty cop in front of special needs child

Justice For Tanner July 3, 2011


Tazzy - St. Petersburg, Florida

"Both officers approached him rather physically grabbed on to him the dog kind of got back on his hind legs a little bit but the leash was still taught. That's when the officer pulled out his firearm and discharged"

Story January 10, 2014

Couple Questions Night Dog Was Shot By Police - Story January 11, 2014


Teela - Omaha, Nebraska

Owner walked down sidewalk into area blocked by police, he was arrested and his dog was shot & killed

Story October 29, 2012



The Colonel - Chicago, Illinois

Dog was wagging his tail, the cop shot him twice

Story December 5, 2012

The Verdict January 21, 2014



Tibetan Mastiffs - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

An offer was made to remove the dogs before police arrived

Story March 27, 2014

Story March 28, 2014


Tiger - Henrico County, Virginia

Police shot pet as they notify family of son's murder

Story January 17, 2013

Story July 25, 2013


Tiny - Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Cops claim that they when they knocked on the door the dog unlatched the door, opened it and came out. Then of course they used the typical "vicious dog" story to justify shooting him.

Story June 18, 2014


Titan - Erie, Pennsylvania

Cop decided to shoot 4 times, witnesses say Titan was not being aggressive

Titan The Bull Bonfa March 1, 2014

Story March 4, 2014


Tito - Minneapolis, Minnesota

July 18, 2014

"Minneapolis police officer shoots and kills man's dog and blames it on car thief"



Titus - Tulsa, Oklahoma

September 11, 2014

"He never identified himself to any of us as a police officer, and after the second shot, people were grabbing their kids, running for their homes," he recalled.


Justice For Titus

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"Police Officer Stops And Saves The Life Of Distressed Dog Who Just Lost A Friend"


Vern - Anne Arundle, Maryland

Cop shot him in his own yard

Story February 4, 2014



Vinny - Leander, Texas

Occupation: Therapy Dog

Shot by cop while in his own fenced yard ,

oops wrong house, ooops wrong town!

Story June 19, 2013

Story August 19, 2013

Justice For Vinny



Whitey - Orange County, Florida

A family wanted to adopt him but AC chose to kill him

Story April 11. 2014

See Animal Control Blunders


Winter - Phoenix, Arizona

Cop opened gate to fenced in yard and fired his gun

Video March 19, 2014


Wrinkles - Washington, D.C.

Looking for man who hadn't lived there for 20 years, shot the dog 3 times

Story February 27, 2012


Ziggy - Adams County, Colorado

Cop shot and killed dog, oops wrong house

Video January 16, 2013

Justice For Ziggy


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Baltimore Police Officer Climbs Into City Storm Drain To Save Puppy


Dogs Shot By Police


A Friend In Blue September 17. 2011

Help Prevent The Unnecessary Shooting Of Fmaily Dogs By Police Officers



Names Unknown

(listed by state)

Flagstaff, Arizona

No Charges: Arizona officer beat, stomped dog to euthanize it October 12, 2012

"Eventually, after some 20 to 30 minutes of trying to kill the dog, Tewes used a hobble, which is like a metal cable, to try to strangle the dog."


Sacramento, California

Sacramento Police Shoot Dog - Video December 21, 2010


Broomfield, Colorado

Dog trying to protect ailing guardian is fatally shot by police officerJune 21, 2014

"And there was nothing done to use anything but lethal force. The dog didn't have a chance and the man needed help. They didn't do anything to subdue the dog,"


Fort Myers, Florida

"It was a quick decision Mulligan says the officers are trained to make."

"We found between 2009 and 2011 the department totaled 15 shooting incidents --with only eight of those being against animals."

Story Date unknown


Hollywood, Florida

"The officer who was standing over here shot [the dog] and shot her again two more times. The force pushed her, and that's when she landed right over there with me."

Story September 25, 2014


Jacksonville, Florida

"An officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office was suspended late 2014 for allowing a woman to drive his police cruiser on two occasions to a Southside Hooters. Friday afternoon he was back in the spotlight, this time for shooting a dog"

Story March 29, 2015

Troubled Jacksonville cop shoots dog near school Friday


Lake City, Florida

"Once out of the truck, the dog ran aggressively toward police. "

Story October 26, 2012


Miami, Florida

Officer Shoots Dog After It Attacked Police Horse

" the incident started when a man carrying the dog when the dog leaped and began biting the horse’s legs "

Story July 22, 2014


Miami, Florida

"Officers then shot the other dog even though it was not biting the police dog. The K9 was not seriously injured in the attack. "

Story January 28, 2015

Story January 27, 2015


New Smyrna Beach, Florida

"Off-duty New Smyrna Beach cop shoots and kills pit bull after it goes after his dog and lunges at him "

Story December 13, 2010


Orlando, Florida

"Some residents living in the area say it wasn't necessary for the officers to shoot the pet, but police say they had no choice."

Story January 18, 2010


St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg Police Officer Shoots Dog

Story April 1, 2013


Chicago, Illinois

Cop Shot By Officer Aiming At Charging "Vicious Dog" May 7, 2013


Harper Woods - Detroit, Michigan

Pit bull shooting results in injured Harper Woods officerAugust 17, 2014


New York

NYPD Officers Shoot Dog On East Village Street

August 14, 2012


Columbus, Ohio

Owner Says Police Unnecessarily Shot Dog May 10, 2012


Dayton, Ohio

Officer Who Shot Dog Followed Protocol, Officials Say April 29, 2014


North Ridgeville, Ohio

Cop Cleared Of Wrongdoing After Shooting Kittens In Front Of Screaming Children

June 13, 2013


Williams County, Ohio

Cat Killing Controversy In Stryker May 27, 2013

"The Stryker Police Department is under investigation for allegedly killing cats and dumping them in the Tiffin River."


Scott County, Tennessee

Off-duty Scott County corrections officer fired for killing family dog

June 14, 2013

"In a very rare case of a dog shot by police, this new case has brought some justice to the dead dog, and the officer involved now faces a charge of intent to kill an animal."


San Antonio, Texas

Dog shot, killed in SAPD drug raid June 20, 2014

" Four young children were inside a West Side house Friday afternoon when police executed a search warrant during which multiple shots were fired and a pit bull was killed."



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