Pet Health Alerts


Bufo Toads In South Florida

"Untreated, the death rate for Bufo marinus may approach 100%"

Blue-Green Alge Causing Hundreds Of Dog Deaths

"Blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria, has been killing hundreds of dogs in the US, and scientists warn that the problem will only get worse as the planet continues to warm."


Foxtail Grass

"can actually cause terrible problems, even death"


Owner warns of deadly dog fungus

"The fungus grows in moist soil or vegetation, and mostly in shaded areas."

Lungworms In Dogs

"Lungworms are a parasitic worm (nematode) that settles in the lungs and windpipe (trachea), causing severe respiratory problems. Dogs that spend a lot of time roaming in the woods and/or on fields are at higher risk of developing this type of parasitic infections."


Pets And Toxic Plants

"A surprisingly large number of common garden and household plants are toxic to pets, and reactions to toxicity range from mild to life-threatening."


Salt Water - Beach Goers & Fire Department Work Together To Save Dying Dog

"the dog had swallowed way too much salt water"


Dangerous virus killing dogs

"It's called circovirus. Vets have been aware of it for years but mainly in pig populations - it can decimate a hog farm in just a week. Certain pet birds also seem susceptible, especially parrots, parakeets and cockatoos. What's new is, the virus has never made the jump to dogs - until now."


Weed Killer Linked To Fatal Kidney Disease

If it's doing this to humans what is it doing to our pets??


Xylitol Sweetener

Popular sugar substitute is toxic to dogs