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Please remember you are reading the opinions and mere suggestions of others for your consideration. YOU are ultimately responsible for making your own decisions and for your own actions. YOU must draw your own conclusions regarding this information and YOU must decided if and or how you should use it.


If your dog's health problem is an "unsolved mystery" you might want to check out these pages too

Product Alerts

Commonly used products such as flea control products can cause severe and even fatal adverse reactions, your vet may not even be aware of it yet.


Adverse reactions come in many different forms such as organ damage and getting a correct diagnosis can be nearly impossible. Reactions can be mild, severe or even fatal.



American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

Find A Vet


Alternative Remedies For Pets

Dr. Marcie Fallek DVM, CVA, Holistic Veterinarian on CBS Early Show



"What Is Veterinary Acupuncture & Can It Help Your Dog?" - The Dogington Post

*Includes a list of health issues that respond to acupuncture





Bloat - How To Protect Your Pup - Web MD

Bloat can be very dangeous and deadly. The link above provides a list of symptoms that should not be ignored, contact your vet or emergency clinic immediately!






Cruciate Ligament Rupture

Cruciate Ligament Rupture: Missing The Big Picture - Dogs Naturally Magazine

Is surgery the way to go?









Licking Obsessively?

Does Your Dog Lick Things Obsessively? - The Dogington Post

This behavior can be caused by illness, disease or just be a bad habit



Licorice Health Benefits - Dogs Naturally Magazine

Arthritis & joint Pain, itching from allergies, digestive issues, inflammation, liver health & detoxification support, pain, some respiratory issues, unrinary tract infections





Why I don't Remove Limpomas Unless They Do This - Dr. Becker


Liver damage, kidney disease, pancreatitis, cancer, diabetes?

Milk Thistle For Your Dog - Dogs Naturally Magazine




Mast Cell Tumors In Dogs

By Dr. Ruth MacPete, DVM - Pet health Network




This is a list of human medications that are SUPPOSED TO BE SAFE for pets. I am not a vet, do your own research and make your own decision.

The list can be found here

Dog Dangers: Common Allergy Medications That Are Poisoning Our Pets - The Dogington Post


Neuter & Spay

Keep in mind that pet over-population is an enormous problem. Although campaigns to neuter & spay pets have been very helpful, still far too many are killed in shelters everyday. If you choose not to spay or neuter your pet you are also chosing to take the huge responsibility of keeping your pet under complete control at all times.

The Truth About Spaying And Neutering

(Video) Dr. Becker discusses both sides of the issue in this very surprising video.


Will Neutering Improve Behavioral Issues? - Dogs Naturally Magazine

"Long story short, neutering appears to increase incidence of many cancers, certain joint problems, and some behavioral disorders."


To Neuter Your Dog Or Not? New Studies Change Answer For Some - Denver Post


Spaying & Neutering - Angry Vet

"How would removing a child’s reproductive organs before puberty affect their growth, maturation, and development?"


What Are The Risks Of Spay Neuter? - Dogs Naturally Magazine

by Dr. Karen Becker



(Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs)

Think Twice Before Using NSAIDs - Dogs Naturally Magazine

*The information below is copied from our Pet Product Alert page


Some people say it is a wonderful drug while others say it killed their pets. If this medication has been prescribed for your dog please be aware of the benefits and risks BEFORE you administer the first dose to your pet. You must be able to recognize the signs of an adverse reaction. Do not rely on your vet to provide this information and please make sure the proper lab tests (liver / kidney) are done before you even think about giving it to your pet.

Rimadyl Client Information Sheet

DogHealth2 Yahoo Group







Rocks - Why Is My Dog eating Rocks?

"chewing rocks (or other non-food items) can be dangerous if ingested." - The Dogington Post




Is My Dog Having A Seizure? - The Dogington Post

The Surprising Connection Between Flea Collars & Seizures

(Video) Dr. Becker discusses many causes and types of seizures and the various treatment options.




Spinning In Circles?

This could be normal dog behavior but it can also be a sign of health issues

What Does It Mean When A Dog Spins In Circles? - The Nest







Five Things Your Vet Says That Aren't True - Dogs Naturally Magazine

If you want a more in depth look into vaccines much more information can be found here



Wheelchair - Does Your Dog Need One?

Here are the instructions to make an inexpensive wheelchair





Your pet's life is in your hands.

Please do your own research so you will be able to make truly informed choices.

We can't expect our veterinarians to know everything or to always have the most accurate information.