The "Be Kind Project For Paws"


We Must Be Their Voices...

For many, many years county commissioners and Animal Control have had the opportunity to implement and manage humane programs to deal with unwanted pets. While some strive for high adoption rates most have failed miserably. Their systems nationwide typically consists of "catch them, kill them and repeat." Too many municipalities appear to be quite satisfied with their current program and are very resistant to change. Many refuse to listen to recommendations or accept help from the community. Some refuse to work with rescue groups. It seems that they prefer to kill rather than embrace an opportunity to find loving homes for unwanted pets. Some municipalities refuse to acknowledge there is a even problem and local residents have taken on the task of rescuing abandoned, abused, injured and starving pets from the streets and kill shelters in an effort to provide medical attention and find loving homes for them.

Rescue groups and No Kill Movements are independent groups that have their own methods for saving lives, helping unwanted pets and trying to communicate with their local officials. The "KindProject For Paws" is a dream that these independent rescue groups, No Kill Movements, fosters and their supporters will become one united and powerful voice in an effort to force elected officials on the state level to hear recommendations for badly needed changes and solutions to shatter the "catch them, kill them and repeat" model that is currently the standard chosen method. It is an invitation for representatives from these groups to come together and collectively create new standards. It is an effort to reform Animal Control and revise our outdated and often contradictory pet laws. It is an effort to ensure much better treatment of man's best friends and the people who love them.

The concept is simple, one united voice will be so loud that elected officials cannot ignore us. Representatives from these groups understand the magnitude of the problem, the challenges and most importantly they have found solutions that are proving to be effective. They deserve an opportunity to speak to those who have the ability to take the power away from the local officials who have failed so miserably for far too long and refuse to listen.

Representatives from these groups deserve the opportunity to share their solutions with a congressional committee that can implement guidelines on the state level based on models that have already proven to be effective leaving local officials with no choice but to comply.

Many supporters feel helpless because they want to help these organizations but are unable to foster a pet or make financial contributions. Helping them get to their state capitols so they can be the voice of these innocent victims is an easy and inexpensive way to contribute. When there is a call for action sample letters can be written and displayed in a central location online so others can copy & paste them, fill in their own information and send them by snail mail or email.

There was a time when dogs were just furry little mongrels that were commonly kept chained by a dog house in the back yard and cats were good little mousers who lived in the barn. They have moved into our homes, our bedrooms and our hearts. They have evolved into furry little family members. Our laws need to evolve and reflect those changes. Our elected officials need to realize the old ways are no longer acceptable and it is their job to update our laws and make them much more pet friendly. We (their constituents) believe pets deserve to be treated much better, they should not be thrown out like an old pair of tennis shoes.

We sincerely hope you will support and participate in the "KindProject For Paws"

Let's help to join these truly kind hearted heroes together and make sure they get the undivided attention of our state's lawmakers that they deserve.


Another Battle

Another issue is one that must be handled on the federal level. Many people believe that pets should never be put on an airplane unless they are allowed in the cabin. Sometimes people have no other way to get their pet to their destination or they are convinced that it is very safe by a representative of the airline. Many people have paid for a special program that guarantees their pet will be in a climate controlled environment, be fed, given water and when possible be given potty breaks as well. Too many of these people have been forced to sit on a plane for hours and watch their beloved pets dieing of heat stroke on the tarmac as they literally baked in their crates. The airlines do not get charged with animal abuse, animal cruelty or consumer fraud. Why??

Now legislation is in the works that will allow Amtrak to transport small pets in cars with their humans while larger pets will be transported like luggage, in baggage cars. Many of the airline's victims were forced to sign confidentiality agreements in order to get compensation so they cannot legally talk about what happened. Others refuse to be silenced. They want their voices to be heard, they want badly needed changes and we can support them in their efforts to make that happen. Healthy pets should not be dead, deathly ill or suffering from broken bones after being put in the custody of an airline for just a few hours. This problem needs to be resolved before our politicians allow it to spread to another mode of transportation. They invited a musician to give congressional testimony after an airline broke his expensive guitar and refused to take responsibility for their actions. I am not aware of them hearing testimony from those who have suffered much greater losses and will always live with the guilt, anger and heartache. The airlines should not be an exception to the law. Animal cruelty is animal cruelty, it doesn't matter who commits the crime.

These victims deserve to be heard, we can help make that happen.


If you'd like to help, please join us in the Be Kind Project For Paws group on Facebook.

Hope to see you there!