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Having a fenced yard is great but that can be a false sense of security.

Pets can climb fences, jump fences, flip gate latches, dig out, or be stolen and fences do not keep potentially rabid wildlife out of your yard.

We have to be extremely protective of our medically exempt pets, constant supervision is vital even if you have a fence.



Good Manners (and health)

Some pets are put on strict, medically necessary diets. That means "counter surfing" is strictly prohibited. This can be especially difficult with larger dogs because it is so easy for them to reach everything on the kitchen counter tops and the dining room table too.

Cookie Monster

Exercise is a vital part of restoring and maintaining a healthy body.

Lack of exercise can cause some dogs to become restless, destructive and difficult to handle. This is especially true of high energy breeds like Weimaraners, Jack Russel Terriers and many other breeds.

Exercise good for them and their humans too.


Hey humans!

It is very important for us to have chew bones so we can keep our teeth clean and some toys would be really nice too.

So yes, howlidays can be very special occasions for us too!

Mikey's Happy Howliday

Some pets are true "Masters Of Mooch" and some humans are bad humans (like me) and we crack under the pressure. Sometimes we allow them to mooch bites of foods they should not have and sometimes they don't even have to mooch because they have trained their humans quite well.

Junk food is never actually good for them or us but it's just so yummy!



Mr. Slobberchops

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When Mikey was just a baby we were told that he was a hopeless case and we should kill him. I'm glad we listened to what Mikey told us rather than what some of the vets were saying. We celebrated Mikey's tenth birthday on September 23, 2012. Five days later during a vet visit for a routine treatment he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. He received the best of care. The average life expectancy is six months. We were very fortunate to have nine more precious months with our boy.

Memories Of Mikey