Putting A Pet On An Airplane Can Have Deadly Consequences


This page is dedicated to BamBam, Sedona, Alika, Jack and all of the others

People often travel by air with their pets. Some airlines even offer special programs to ensure that pets air kept in air conditioned comfort as much as possible. We would like to think that all pets arrive at their destination safely and especially so after investing in these special arrangements but sadly, not all pets do and airlines sometimes are reluctant to take responsibility or admit that they have done anything wrong.

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United Airlines: Pay Vet Bills for Dog Injured While Travelling!

Dog death prompts concerns about safety of pets on airplanes

"It comes down to lack of care, lack of concern for a living being." "We estimate that best case scenario, there's 95% under reporting for dogs," Melchior said.



Airline Animal Deaths Raise Concern

"Should you rethink bringing your pet on your next vacation?"

These 2 Were Inseparable. Then He Trusted Someone We All Know…A Mistake He’ll Never Forget.

"United broke every single promise they made to us. They killed my baby boy and tried to buy me off with travel vouchers and a complete denial of any responsibility on their part.”


Pet owners warn of perils of air travel, seek new federal rules

"Air travel can be so quick that you may think a plane is the best way to transport your pet. Think again. Air travel isn't safe for pets. The HSUS recommends that you do not transport your pet by air unless absolutely necessary," the organization's website cautions.

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the petition demanding changes


Airline Pet Handlers Speak Out Against Alleged Animal Neglect

"Two former pet handlers hired by United Airlines spoke with NBC Bay Area's Investigative Unit on what they describe as animal neglect in the company's Pet Safe program. Elyce Kirchner reports."


Pet owner: United Airlines nearly killed my dog

"Sedona's crate was filled with blood, feces and urine. She was shaking unmercibly. She was in full heat stroke."

United Airlines Almost Killed My Greyhound

"Suffering from heatstroke, failing kidneys, dehydration and a urinary tract infection, the Greyhound had to be hospitalized in ICU."

Facebook Page



Woman Claims United Airlines Almost Killed Her Dog, Details Harrowing Abuse

"My dog and cat were never allowed out of their crates and were never given water in 12.5 hours," she wrote on the page. "Left on the tarmac to bake in Houston heat, Sedona suffered heatstroke and nearly died."



Va. woman takes on airline over pets' poor travel treatment

United Airline's response, "We are committed to ensuring safe and comfortable travel of all the pets that fly with us and regret that Sedona did not have a good experience."


Janet Sinclair's Complaint Filed With United Airlines (PDF)



United Airlines: not as pet friendly or safe as advertised

"United Airlines is experiencing some heavy turbulence from the pet loving community after several recent dog related disasters with their four legged passengers."



Airline Animal Incident Reports (summary)

The numbers are shocking and we can only imagine the traumatic experiences that forced the airlines to put each and every one of these beloved pets on this list.

**Note: As of December 3, 2013 Janet Sinclair has not been able to find any evidence that either of her pets have ever been listed on an airline incident report.


Air Travel Consumer Report (official)

Statistics involving beloved pets are typically found at the very bottom of these reports.


Jack the Cat, Lost and Then Found at J.F.K., Dies

" Jack the Cat, who captured the hearts of pet lovers across the world after he was lost for 61 days at Kennedy International Airport, died on Sunday, 12 days after he was found."

Jack The Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFKis on Facebook.

"Jack was lost, fell through the ceiling to be "found," and had 12 days of veterinary ICU before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. His legacy: NEVER AGAIN."

Where Is Jack Website


Model Maggie Rizer Blogs 'United Airlines Killed Our Golden Retriever

"When we arrived in San Francisco to pick up our dogs we drove to the dark cargo terminal and on arrival in the hanger were told simply, “one of them is dead” by the emotionless worker who seemed more interested in his text messages."


As pet deaths continue, airlines pressured to change their ways

"Pets flying in a plane's cargo hold risk injury and death."


Again, we sincerely hope you will sign

the petition demanding changes


and the petition for Sedona

United Airlines: Pay Vet Bills for Dog Injured While Travelling!


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