Product Alerts

Your Pet's Life Is In Your Hands, Please Make Informed Choices


Many approved and "safe" pet products are truly not safe.

Sometimes getting reliable information from product manfacturers can be nearly impossible.

We can't always rely on our trusted veterinarians for accurate information because many of them don't know either.


Flea, Tick and Heartworm Information Can Be Found Here

Think Twice Before Using NSAIDs - Dogs Naturally Magazine


Some people say it is a wonderful drug while others say it killed their pets. If this medication has been prescribed for your dog please be aware of the benefits and risks BEFORE you administer the first dose to your pet. You must be able to recognize the signs of an adverse reaction. Do not rely on your vet to provide this information and please make sure the proper lab tests (liver / kidney) are done before you even consider giving it to your pet.


Rimadyl Client Information Sheet

The CIS contains very important information that could save your pet's life. Do we really think our vets read the CIS for every drug they prescribe?

DogHealth2 Yahoo Group

This group can provide a tremendous amount of information about the adverse effects of Rimadyl and other products.


Are Your Dog's Toys Poisoning Him?


Xylitol - Sugar Substitute

"Xylitol is extremely toxic to dogs."

Xylitol: The "Sugar Free" Sweetener Your Dog NEEDS You To Know About



Jerky Treats

FDA Adds New Rule To Protect Dogs

"After years of dogs dying from jerky treats, the FDA is finally proposing stricter regulations to strengthen the safety of pet food."


Why FDA Chicken Jerky Inspections Fail To Protect Our Pets

*Very disturbing information


Safety Reporting Portal - Foods & Harmaceutical Products

"The Safety Reporting Portal (SRP) streamlines the process of reporting product safety issues to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH)."